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Norwegian Contextualized Language Models

Welcome to the emerging collection of very large contextualized language models for the Norwegian language. NorLM is a joint initiative of the EOSC-Nordic (European Open Science Cloud) and SANT (Sentiment Analysis for Norwegian) projects, coordinated by the Language Technology Group (LTG) at the University of Oslo.

We are working to provide these models and supporting tools for researchers and developers in Natural Language Processing (NLP) for the Norwegian language. We do so in the hope of facilitating scientific experimentation with and practical applications of state-of-the-art NLP architectures, as well as to enable others to develop their own large-scale models, for example for domain- or application-specific tasks, language variants, or even other languages than Norwegian.

Available Models

At this initial stage of development, Norwegian models for two common architecture variants are available:

License and Access

All Norwegian language models from the NorLM initiative are publicly available for download from the NLPL Vectors Repository; a subset of the models is also included with the Huggingface Transformers Library.


The training of these models was performed on resources provided by UNINETT Sigma2 - the National Infrastructure for High Performance Computing and Data Storage in Norway.