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Usage on Abel

The module nlpl-opennmt-py provides an OpenNMT-py installation in a Python 3.5 virtual environment, building on the NLPL-maintained PyTorch installation. Besides OpenNMT-py and its dependencies (e.g. PyTorch), the virtual environment includes a selection of popular add-on packages, e.g. NumPy, SciKit-Learn, the Python Data Analysis Library (Pandas), GenSim, and Keras. This installation should support both cpu and gpu nodes on Abel.

module purge
module use -a /projects/nlpl/software/modulefiles
module load nlpl-opennmt-py

Available Versions

As of September 2018, OpenNMT-py 0.2.1 is available (and, thus, the default version for this module).

Installation on Abel

module load nlpl-pytorch
mkdir /projects/nlpl/software/opennmt-py/
virtualenv /projects/nlpl/software/opennmt-py/0.2.1

Next, the python, python3, and python3.5 files (the first two soft links, the third an actual binary) had to be frobbed to avail themselves of the custom NLPL C Library.

mkdir /projects/nlpl/software/modulefiles/opennmt-py
sed -e 's,pytorch,opennmt-py,g' \
  -e 's,PyTorch 0.4.1,OpenNMT 0.2.1 (PyTorch 0.4.1),' \
  -e 's,python3/3.5.0,nlpl-pytorch/0.4.1,' \
  /projects/nlpl/software/modulefiles/nlpl-pytorch/0.4.1 \
  > /projects/nlpl/software/modulefiles/opennmt-py/0.2.1
module purge
module load nlpl-opennmt-py
tar zpSxvf 0.2.1.tar.gz
cd OpenNMT-py-0.2.1
python install
mkdir /projects/nlpl/software/opennmt-py/0.2.1/scripts
cp \
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