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= Training and Evaluation Data =  
= Training and Evaluation Data =  
* [http://wiki.nlpl.eu/index.php/Parsing/ud Universal Dependencies v2.0–2.3]
* [http://wiki.nlpl.eu/index.php/Parsing/ud Universal Dependencies v2.0–2.5]
* [http://wiki.nlpl.eu/index.php/Parsing/sdp Semantic Dependency Parsing]
* [http://wiki.nlpl.eu/index.php/Parsing/sdp Semantic Dependency Parsing]

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An experimentation environment for data-driven dependency parsing is maintained for NLPL under the coordination of Uppsala University (UU). Initially, the software and data are commissioned on the Norwegian Abel supercluster.

Preprocessing Tools

Additionally, a variety of tools for sentence splitting, tokenization, lemmatization, et al. are available through the NLPL installations of the Natural Language Processing Toolkit (NLTK) and the spaCy: Natural Language Processing in Python tools.

Parsing Systems

Training and Evaluation Data