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(Parsing Systems)
(Parsing Systems)
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* [ UDPipe]  
* [ UDPipe]  
* [ TurboParser]
* [ TurboParser]
* Additional parsers: StanfordNLP, NLTK, spaCy
* Additional parsers: [ StanfordNLP], [ NLTK], [ spaCy]. For the parsers in these toolkits we refer to the official documentation.
= Training and Evaluation Data =  
= Training and Evaluation Data =  

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An experimentation environment for data-driven dependency parsing is maintained for NLPL under the coordination of Uppsala University (UU). The data is available on the Norwegian Saga cluster and on the Finnish Puhti cluster. The software is available on the Norwegian Saga cluster

Initially, software and data were commissioned on the Norwegian Abel supercluster, see The Abel page for legacy information.

Preprocessing Tools

Additionally, a variety of tools for sentence splitting, tokenization, lemmatization, et al. are available through the NLPL installations of the Natural Language Processing Toolkit (NLTK) and the spaCy: Natural Language Processing in Python tools.

Parsing Systems

Training and Evaluation Data

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