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NLPL maintains an installation of the MediaWiki software to collaboratively maintain information that is relevant to project members and other users of the infrastructure, including technical documentation. Bjørn Lindi and Stephan Oepen serve as the wiki administrators, i.e. will try to assist in all technical questions regarding access and structure.

Gaining Access

To prevent wiki spam, the NLPL wiki is currently not set up for self-help account creation. To again editing rights for the wiki, please email you Abel account name to Bjørn Lindi (NeIC) or Stephan Oepen (UiO). For project members who do not have access to Abel yet, please see the instruction for requesting NLPL user accounts.

Editing Conventions

For the collaborative authoring process to maintain some semblance of structure, please apply the following conventions in editing existing pages and, in particular, when creating new pages:

Page names should be comprised of all lower-case english words, organized in a page hierarchy that follows the project structure and other organizational principles, e.g. the names of individual software packages closer to the leafs of the hierarchy.

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