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(Upcoming Milestones)
(Upcoming Milestones)
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<td align="left">E.3</td>
<td align="left">E.3</td>
<td align="left">Final Updates of Embeddings</td>
<td align="left">Final Update of Embeddings</td>
<td align="left">UiO</td>
<td align="left">UiO</td>
<td align="left">Dec'19</td>
<td align="left">Dec'19</td>

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The NLPL infrastructure for collaboration and software and data management includes, among other things,

Catalogue of Supported Software

Software Installation Guide

Project Milestones

Below is upcoming and passed Project Milestones listed. The Milestones are extracted from the Project Plan for NLPL.

When Project Milestone is achieved, email the team list such that the project is informed that new features are in place. The Project Manager will update the Milestone table.

Upcoming Milestones

Milestone Milestone description lead deadline delivered
A.1.2 Project Report Year two PM Dec'18
A.1.3 Project Report Year three PM Dec'19
A.3.4 Cost-Benefit Analysis of the laboratory PM Dec'19
B.1.5 Update of Moses Development Environment UoH Dec'19
B.2.3 Update Machine Translation Data sets and documentation UoH Dec'19
B.3.4 Translation utilities module UoH Dec'19
B.4.1 Documented SMT Baselines UoH Dec'18 Will be accomplished in Jan'19
B.4.2 Documented NMT Baselines UoH Dec'18 Will be accomplished in Jan'19
C.1.3 Dependency Data version 3 UiO Dec'19
C.3.4 Parsing tutorial version3 UiO Dec'19
D.3.1 Building comparable corpora for two of the minority Nordic Languages, Faroese and West Greenlandic ITU Sep'19
E.3 Final Update of Embeddings UiO Dec'19
F.1.2 Data sets and documentation for the second batch of downstream tasks UiO Dec'19
F.2.2 Code for second batch of downstream tasks UiO Dec'19
F.2.3 Wiki for adding downstream tasks UiO Dec'19
H.1.2 NLPL Winter School '19 UiO Mar'19
H.2.2 Workshop at NoDaLiDa and presentation at NeIC conference UiO Jun'19

Passed Milestones

Milestone Milestone description lead deadline delivered
A1.1 Project Report Year one PM Dec'17 yes
A2.1 Setup of collaboration infrastructure PM Jun'17 yes
A2.2 Update of collaboration infrastructure PM Feb'18 yes
A3.1 Trial environment for portable, modular installation PM Dec'17 yes
A3.2 Survey needs and use of emerging technologies PM Dec'17 yes
A3.3 Facilitate access to resources at Sigma2 and CSC PM Jun'18 yes
A3.4 Cost-benefit Analysis of the laboratory PM Dec'17 yes
B1.1 Install Moses Release 3.0 and support tools UoH Jun '17 yes
B1.2 Moses Development Environment UoH Dec'17 yes
B1.3 Moses Documentation and tutorials UoH Dec'17 yes
B1.4 Update of Moses Development environment UoH Dec'18 yes
B2.1 Installation of MT data sets and documentation UoH Dec'17 yes
B2.2 Updated Machine Translation data sets and documentation UoH Dec'18 yes
B3.1 Helsinki NMT system with documentation UoH Dec'17 yes
C1.1 Dependency Parsing Data version 1 UU Dec'17 yes
C.1.2 Dependency Parsing version 2 UU Dec'18
C2.1 Dependency Parsing Parser version 1 UU Dec'17 yes
C.2.2 Dependency Data version 2 UU Dec'18 yes
C3.1 Dependency Parsing Parsing tutorial UU Dec'17 yes
C.3.2 Dependency Parsing tutorial version 2 UU Dec'18 yes
D1.1 Clarification of applicable licensing schemes UoT Mar'17 yes
D1.2 Relevant data sets installed with license management infrastructure UoT - -
D.2.2 Common-Crawl-derived corpora for at least five languages UoT Dec'18 yes
E1.1 Pre-trained Embeddings for ENG,DAN,FIN,NNO,NOB,SWE UiO Jun'17 yes
E.2 Updated Embeddings, including additional languages UiO Dec'18 yes
F1.1 Extrinsic Evaluation Data First Batch UiO(UoC) Dec'17 yes
F2.1 Extrinsic Evaluation Code for First Batch UiO(UoC) Dec'17 yes
F3.1 Integrating the NLPL Extrinsic Parser Evaluation into CoLL evaluation procedures UiO Jun'18 yes
G1.1 Running OPUS Server UoH Jun'17 yes
G1.2 Mirror OPUS data UoH Jun'17 yes
G1.3 Improved OPUS data release structure UoH Jun'18 yes
G1.4 Partial mirror to abel and long term storage UoH Dec'18 yes
G3.1 Web services and their documentation UoH Dec'18 yes
G2.1 Tools and documentation UoH Dec'17 yes
H1 Winter School UiO Mar'18 yes
H2 Web site UiO Mar '17 yes
H2.2 Position paper on NoLaiDa UiO Jun '17 yes
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