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The Nordic Language Processing Laboratory (NLPL) is a collaboration of academic research groups in Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Northern Europe. Our vision is to implement a virtual laboratory for large-scale NLP research by (a) piloting innovative ways to share high-performance computing and data resources across country borders, (b) by pooling competencies within the user community and among expert support teams, and (c) by enabling internationally competitive, data-intensive research and experimentation on a scale that would be difficult to sustain on commodity computing resources.



Between 2017 and 2020, NLPL is supported by the [e-Infrastructure Collaboration] (NeIC) and the national e-Infrastructure providers in Finland (CSC) and Norway ([[1]]).


To email NLPL project management and its Steering Group, please use the address contact@nlpl.eu. In mid-2017, the project welcomes expressions of interest from additional NLP research groups in Northern Europe.