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The goal is to organize provisioning of software (for NLP research) in a manner that makes it possible and cost-efficient to maintain the exact same software stack on multiple systems. Here, systems initially means different superclusters, e.g. Puhti in Finland and Saga in Norway; sometime in 2021, we anticipate to additionally support the LUMI environment. In principle, As part of the NLPL use case in EOSC-Nordic, we are evaluating EasyBuild for this purpose.

Important stuff to remember

export EB_PYTHON=python3

module load EasyBuild/4.3.0

Playground on Saga: /cluster/shared/nlpl/software/easybuild4

export EASYBUILD_ROBOT_PATHS=/cluster/software/EasyBuild/4.3.0/easybuild/easyconfigs:/cluster/shared/nlpl/software/easybuild4

Repository: https://source.coderefinery.org/nlpl/easybuild


Compute Canada: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0j5Shuf2uE

Jülich & Ghent: http://easybuilders.github.io/easybuild/files/eb-jsc-hust16.pdf