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NLPL creates and makes available various very large collections of textual data, for example drawing on Wikipedia and the Common Crawl.

These data resources are available from the connected infrastructure, below the project directory /projects/nlpl/data/corpora/ or /proj/nlpl/data/corpora/ on Abel and Taito, respectively. In early 2018, the NLPL corpora resources are not yet replicated across the two systems; please see the summary table below to determine which resource is available on which system.

Corpus Catalogue

Directory Description System Install Date Maintainer
conll17 Corpora for 46 Languages (from Wikipedia and Common Crawl) Abel, Taito November 2017 Jenna Kaverna
EngC3 130-Billion Token ‘Clean’ Text from the Common Crawl Abel, Taito April 2018 Stephan Oepen

Many Languages: The Collection of Open Parallel Corpora (Helsinki)

OPUS provides parallel texts in many languages extracted from a broad range of freely available sources In terms of the NLPL-internal project structure, it is actually a task of its own (because there are additional on-line services connected to OPUS), hence there is a separate wiki page with additional information on OPUS.

Many Languages: The CoNLL 2017 Text Collection (Turku)

English: 130 Billion Words Extracted from the Common Crawl (Oslo)

English: Two Variants of Text Extraction from Wikipedia (Oslo)

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