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* Information for [ NLPL Users]
* Information for [ NLPL Users]
* Information about the [ OPUS API] for finding resources
* Information about [ data formats]
* Information about [ data formats]
* Information about [ tools]
* Information about [ tools]

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OPUS is a collection of open parallel corpora in many languages. It provides bilingually aligned data sets, interfaces, tools and more. The data sets are available in various common formats and are provided for download and for use within the NLPL infrastructure. The service is hosted at CSC in Finland and the core of the data is also available from sigma2 on abel. Tools for processing the data are accessible from taito and more detailed information can be found on the OPUS Wiki:

The on-line search interface is available from and the word-alignment-based lexicon is accessible from

Contact: Jörg Tiedemann via e-mail - firstname.lastname at (first name without dots)

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