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# Daniel Hershcovich (Copenhagen)
# Daniel Hershcovich (Copenhagen)
# Andreas Holm (Copenhagen)
# Andreas Holm (Copenhagen)
# Mateusz Jurewicz (Copenhagen)
# Suwisa Kaewphan (Turku)
# Suwisa Kaewphan (Turku)
# Jenna Kanerva (Turku)
# Jenna Kanerva (Turku)

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A desirable side-effect of the NLPL cooperation is community formation, i.e. strengthening interaction and collaboration among Nordic research teams in NLP and advancing a shared level of knowledge and experience in using national e-Infrastructures for large-scale NLP research. Towards these goals, the project organizes an annual three-day winter school. For additional background, please see the archival pages from the 2018 and 2019 NLPL Winter Schools].

For early 2020, NLPL will hold its winter school from Sunday, February 2, to Tuesday, February 4, 2020, at a mountain-side hotel (with skiing opportunities) about two hours north of Oslo. The project will organize group bus transfer from and to the Oslo airport Gardermoen, leaving the airport at 9:30 on Sunday morning and returning there around 17:30 on Tuesday afternoon.

The main instructors in 2020 will be Yoav Goldberg, Barbara Plank, and Natalie Schluter The winter school programme will be complemented with an evening ‘research bazar’ (by participants) to stimulate academic socializing and possibly a ‘walk-through’ of available software, data, and service resources in the NLPL Virtual Laboratory.

The winter school is subsidized by the project: there is no fee for participants and no charge for the bus transfer to and from the conference hotel. All participants will have to cover their own travel and accomodation at Skeikampen, however. Two nights at the hotel, including all meals, will come to NOK 2865, to be paid to the hotel directly.


In total, we anticipate 25–45 participants in the 2020 Winter School. Please register your intent of participation through our on-line registration form. We will process requests for participation on a first-come, first-served basis; the closing date for registration is Friday, December 13, 2019. Once confirmed by the organizing team, registration will establish a binding agreement with the hotel and a cancellation fee will be incurred (unless we can find someone else to ‘take over’ last-minute spaces).


The 2020 NLPL Winter School is organized by a team of volunteers, Li-Hsin Chang, Filip Ginter, Bjørn Lindi, Farrokh Mehryary, Joakim Nivre, Stephan Oepen, and Jörg Tiedemann. For all inquiries regarding registration, the programme, logistics, or such, please contact


Program draft: Click here

Complete program will be announced soon!


  1. Jordi Armengol-Estapé (Barcelona)
  2. Pepa Atanasova (Copenhagen)
  3. Jeremy Barnes (Oslo)
  4. Ali Basirat (Uppsala)
  5. Aleksandrs Berdicevskis (Gothenburg)
  6. Maja Buljan (Oslo)
  7. Li-Hsin Chang (Turku, co-organizer)
  8. Manuel Ciosici (Copenhagen)
  9. Cheikh Bamba Dione (Bergen)
  10. Adam Ek (Gothenburg)
  11. Filip Ginter (Turku, co-organizer)
  12. Yoav Goldberg (Tel Aviv, presenter)
  13. Aitor Gonzalez Aguirre (Barcelona)
  14. Rob van der Goot (Copenhagen)
  15. Daniel Hershcovich (Copenhagen)
  16. Andreas Holm (Copenhagen)
  17. Suwisa Kaewphan (Turku)
  18. Jenna Kanerva (Turku)
  19. Martin Krallinger (Barcelona)
  20. Artur Kulmizev (Uppsala)
  21. Jenny Kunz (Linköping)
  22. Andrey Kutuzov (Oslo)
  23. Anna Lindahl (Gothenburg)
  24. Ellinor Lindqvist (Uppsala)
  25. Juhani Luotolahti (Turku)
  26. Jan Tore Lønning (Oslo)
  27. Arild Matsson (Gothenburg)
  28. Farrokh Mehryary (Turku, co-organizer)
  29. Antonio Miranda (Barcelona)
  30. Joakim Nivre (Uppsala, co-organizer)
  31. Stephan Oepen (Oslo, co-organizer)
  32. Ildiko Pilan (Oslo)
  33. Alessandro Raganato (Helsinki)
  34. Vinit Ravishankar (Oslo)
  35. Arradi Nur Rizal (Uppsala)
  36. Samuel Rönnqvist (Turku)
  37. Stian Rødven Eide (Gothenburg)
  38. Natalie Schluter (Copenhagen, presenter)
  39. Marija Stepanovic (Copenhagen)
  40. Terne Sasha Thorn Jakobsen (Copenhagen)
  41. Jörg Tiedemann (Helsinki, co-organizer)
  42. Samia Touileb (Oslo)
  43. Erik Velldal (Oslo)
  44. Daniel Varab (Copenhagen)
  45. Antti Virtanen (Turku)
  46. Dustin Wright (Copenhagen)
  47. Lilja Øvrelid (Oslo)
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